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first post!

man. so I finally got around to making this community, and I expect members. So join! I'm probably going to post the most random pics/jokes... like these:

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Thats why I'm wheeler from the Planeteers on Steve's facebook.
wow.... wow. again... wow. You were the red-headed one... why?!
i love it!! how do i join? im
on the community info page, there is "to join community, Click Here" Click there, and add the comm to your friends list. :)
thanks,man those pics are definately hottness! and im real sorry you have the flu.i just got over a 3 week throat(slash) head thing.hope you get better soon!

thanks. I don't see it happening though. It feels like I'm going to cough up blood very soon.
jo!!! i got ur hw from brosnan. and lloyd. call me.

also feel better
ewwwwwww! hw. I will. Once I get the energy to find my cell phone. It takes all the strength I have to stand up. And when I do, I wobble. Bad times.